LZ Pocket


Audio Quality

Equipped with a 4 inch subwoofer for very clear sound, heavy bass and dynamic sound effects.


Connect with the secure, simple, user-friendly pairing mode. With A2DP Bluetooth, wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your mobile phone, notebook, iPhone or iPad.

LZ Dual


True Wireless (TWS)

Pair 2 units with 1 source device. Simply connect 2 Pockets with each other and listen your favourite audio from 1 device


MicroSD Support

Turn your device into a wireless MP3 player by using the MicroSD card function. Put your favorite music on a microSD card, insert and play!

LZ Pocket

The Bluesenz Pocket is a revolutionary mini speaker with Powerful sound and True Wireless functionality (TWS). You can pair up to 2 LZ Pockets to listen to your favourite music. Simply place 2 LZ Pockets in a distance of 3 meters and pair them together to double the power and fun! With the small and lightweight design the LZ Pocket is your perfect travel partner and with the latest driver techniques the LZ Pocket produces powerful and clear sound within all music genres. Enjoy powerful and clear sound on the road and at home. Connect with your friends to pair 2 LZ Pockets for a great experience.


– Features:

- Pairable True Wireless Speaker
- Powerfull sound!
- Remote Shutter
- Pocket Size
- Up to 5 hours playtime
- Lightweight