LZ Mini

Audio Quality

The coin-size mini speaker offers incredible sound for its size. 


With the latest Bluetooth technology the mini offers easy to pair and energy friendly functionalities.

LZ Mini

True Wireless (TWS)

Pair 2 units with 1 source device. Simply connect 2 mini’s with each other and listen your favourite audio from 1 device


Coin size speaker with incredible sound. Portable in all circumstances.

LZ Mini

The Bluesenz Mini brings quality, comfort and mobility together into a single small device that fits into your hand palm. The Bluesenz Mini speaker enables the user to share and enjoy music with friends and family. With the TWS function the Mini can easily be paired and set up to two Mini Bluetooth speakers to play from the same music source with a working range up to 10 meters. The Bluesenz Mini can take pictures on your device by serving as a remote shutter, which allows the user with a single click to take pictures from a distance with their connected device.



  • Coinsize Speaker
  • Incredible sound
  • Shutter button
  • True Wireless (TWS)
  • Bluetooth
  • 5 Colours