LZ Ride

Audio Quality

Optimised drivers to offer the ultimate music experience for all music genres. With balanced bass and treble the Ride is set to offer great experience for daily use. 


The LZ Ride offers up to 18hours of playtime while fully charged. 

LZ Ride


With the latest Bluetooth technology the Ride offers easy to pair and energy friendly functionalities.


The LZ Ride offers handsfree calling while wearing the device. Simply accept the calls by pressing the mode button and enjoy crisp clear sound.

LZ Ride

The LZ ride is a fun on-ear headphone combining joy and sound experience. With the drivers optimized for the latest tunes your LZ ride is the optimal sound experience for all music genres. The comfortable pads and robust design make the LZ Ride the ideal travel partner. Enjoy easy pair with the latest wireless Bluetooth technology. With over more the 18 hours music play the LZ Ride is designed to offer full day of listening to your favourite sounds. The materials are designed with the latest technology.



  • Optimized Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth
  • Easy pairing
  • 18 hours optimal playtime
  • Easy storage
  • Foldable
  • Hands-free calling